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Digital Marketing Courses Institute in Patna

Make India Digital, that’s what our honorable Prime Minister is saying since the pandemic. Our Digital Marketing course PIDM is empowering students digitally and giving a small contribution to making India work more digitally which is associated with the plan of Digital India by our Prime Minister. But what exactly Digital Marketing is? This question might come to your mind whenever you see online marketing platforms like Mynthra, and Flipkart when you order products or see the banners on your nearby. 

You might be knowing or might not. So basically, Digital Marketing is a Digital medium to bring more traffic and views to a website through multiple digital platforms. During the pandemic, when every business has fallen only the digital market accelerated to rise and still continues to rise. The market is growing more digitally. The large volume of engagement at a low cost and get reach the targeted audience through a global essence.

There are multiple types of content where you can get a huge return on very less investment which is a good need for brand development. If you select our Digital Marketing Institute as your career objective then there will be multiple sources of income options open up to you. Multinational Companies are demanding Digital Marketers with high pay or you can also work as a Freelancer and the vast knowledge, and tools of Digital Marketing will help you work overseas. Overall, this Digital Marketing course is going to enhance your Personality and Career growth.

Patna institute of digital marketing is one of the best institutes in Patna. Compared to other institutes, here your personality, and knowledge is going to develop an extra 50% which make you a skilled professional in the future. We provide a company expert as a trainer who has 12+ years of experience in our digital marketing institute. Our digital marketing course provides 25 modules, which no one will provide you in Patna at these affordable fees, and that makes it the top digital marketing institute in Patna. We provide digital marketing courses online and offline as per your preference. Not only in India you be proficient enough to work overseas. Being registered with us you will also get to work with our live projects and google certification with the institute ones.

How it will accelerate your career?

  • Online/Offline interactive sessions with experts
  • Individual Focus
  • Social Media groups for Doubt discussion
  • HD video backups & Projector learning sessions
  • After the completion of the course which is of 6 months, an internship will be provided, where you will learn how to work practically and behave in corporate.
  • Resume creation, Interview preparation, and 100% placement assistance

We are proud to be among one the best digital marketing institute in Patna, where we empower our students in all aspects.

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Expert Designed Practical Digital Marketing Courses for Job Seekers, Working Professionals,Business Owners

With success in other major cities, Digital Trainee is now offering a totally practical oriented Digital Marketing course in Patna. While designing this one, experts have kept in mind the needs of one and all. So, here is a course with affordable Digital Marketing course fees in Patna that is best suited for the Job Seekers, Professionals and also the Business Owners out there! The benefit for the job seekers includes getting a job by gaining the desired knowledge and skills, for professionals, they can add on to their existing skill-set for career growth, while business owners can take their business to the next level.

Job Seeker

Getting employed is the need for every employee, and for that, you have to be highly skilled and know all the tools and strategies of marketing and you will know what exactly the company asks for while recruiting, In our institute, we will make you professionally ready, so will be confident enough in front of the interviewer in the future.

Working Professionals

Our Digital Marketing course has multiple options, As every day, there is everyday learning. There is multiple skill-set that you need to know. In our course, you will be regularly updated with new skills that will help your profession. Every profession needs Digital Marketing to set new skills for its growth & development. Join our course and get better results.

Digital Marketing Course Institute in Bhagalpur

Business Owners

The business owner gets unsatisfied with not getting ranking for their websites, being unaware of the content quality. By joining our course you will acquire the proper knowledge of SEO, and the right usage of keywords to get high content quality and organic growth of the website. Our course will vanish all your struggles. You can dictate to your employees what exactly you and the market are looking for.

What You Learn?​

100% Practical Oriented Training… It is all about doing rather than knowing!

This expert designed Digital Marketing course in Patna from Digital Trainee is made up of the entire 50 modules of Digital Marketing, and provides theoretical knowledge along with its practical implementation. Each and every aspect of Digital Marketing is covered under these comprehensive modules and sub-modules. The practical nature of this course proves to be a value addition to all those who are, or want to be associated with Digital Marketing. Right from freelancing enthusiasts to job seekers to business minded to working professionals and so on. The flexible and all inclusive nature of this course from Digital Trainee makes it stand out from the other courses in the market.

Digital Marketing Overview

Website Creation

Graphics Designing Using Canva

Instagram Marketing & Advertising​

Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Automation

Twitter Marketing & Advertising

LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising


Search Engine Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Video/Youtube Marketing


Remarketing & Conversion

Email Marketing

Content Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

YouTube SEO & AdSense

Making Money Via Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Freelancing Projects

WhatsApp Marketing

Lead Generation

SMS Marketing

Viral Marketing

App Store Optimization

Personal Branding Using Digital Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Upgrade Your Skill-Set With Digital Trainee

A Digital Marketing course in Patna from Digital Trainee that would boost your career/business.

Job Seekers

  • Benefit from plenty of interview and right job opportunities through CV building and refinement.
  • Know the latest concepts before others get toknow.
  • Boost your career by gaining advanced skills and knowledge.
  • Opportunity to simultaneously study and work as a freelancer part time.
  • Reach to a position where companies will offer more in terms of salary.
  • Obtain commissions/money by becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

Working Professionals

  • Know about strolling company online.
  • Advanced skills and knowledge gained during this Digital Marketing course in Patna will help you to grow in your career.
  • More online income that will help in achievement of goals.
  • With your IM capabilities, play a part in your employer’s growth.
  • With every 3 rd individual owning an MBA degree, you got to gain these add-on skills to stand out.
  • Earn dollars online by working as a part-time freelancer.


  • Your chance to get more number of online clients for your business.
  • Access to a large target audience to take your business to the next level.
  • Internet based marketing to bring about an increase in your sales.
  • Brand recognition and building with the help of popular social media platforms.
  • Bring about a fall in both advertising and the advertising fee by 60%.

Digital Marketing Scope, Job Opportunities, Eligibility Criteria, Industry Sector, Jobs Availability in Different Cities

In Digital Marketing, lies a field that does not demand any particular eligibility criteria from career aspirants. All kinds of individuals be it working professionals, business owners, freelancers, graduates, 12th pass, etc. can enroll for this particular course from Digital Trainee, which is known for its affordable Digital Marketing course fees in Patna. Even, it is not necessary to have a technical background. A course that best suits all, right from college students, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs to sales and marketing professionals.

A career in Digital Marketing brings along salient benefits like a variety of job roles and a higher pay scale. Digital Trainee is a trusted name for a successful career in Digital Marketing. The demand for Digital Marketers has, and continues to rise owing to a change in advertising and marketing practices and strategies. All kinds of industries right from Hospitality, IT, etc. make use of Digital Marketing for marketing purposes, thus offering innumerable job opportunities. Not to mention that there is an extensive scope in the various metropolitan cities.

Digital Marketing Eligibility

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Startups
  • Tech Savvy People
  • Social Media Enthusiast
  • Freelancers
  • Celebrities
  • BTech & MBA Students
  • YouTube Channel Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Job Seekers

Digital Marketing Eligibility

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Marketing Head
  • SEO Expert
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Brand Campaign Manager
  • SMM Manager
  • SMM Expert
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Trainer
  • Google Ads Expert

Job Industry

  • New Startup
  • Industry Sector
  • Electronics Industry
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Product based companies|
  • Service Based Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • Film Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Local Business
  • Global Business
  • Fitness

Our Expert Trainers

We have trainers who have worked in MNCs for several years & implemented all the marketing strategies practically and now they are going to prepare you with one.

Anup gx


Sonu Aadee

Project Sales Manager

Akash Sahay

 Digital Marketing Manager

Review of our Learners

It is one of the best place to learn Digital marketing in Bihar I would say, not just Patna . The practical way you are taught makes you accustomed to the knowledge of marketing . Would rate 10 star

unnamed (2)
Aditya Jha

Well, explicit, easy-to-understand, informative, well-designed curriculum and a very reasonable digital marketing course price. My best wishes to the PIDM partners. We are proud to be associated with you.

Pankaj Kumar PIDM
Pankaj Kumar

Really!!! Best Institute to learn about digital marketing. All the staff is very cooperative and help to clear all doubts.

Aditya Singh PIDM
Aditya Singh

PIDM Digital Marketing Institute in Patna. It offers the best courses in Digital Marketing and also gives 100% job assurance. I would highly recommend this institute for growing career in digital world.

rahul pidm
Rahul Kumar

Professional Digital Marketing Course Bonus Tools

Elementor pro

Elementor Pro

GeneratePress Pro

GeneratePress Pro

Smush Pro

Smush Pro

RankMath Pro

Chaty Pro

Ewebot Theme Pro

Ewebot Theme Pro

WP Rocket Pro

WP Rocket Pro

Updraft Plus Pro

Updraft Plus Pro

And Many More Plugins & Themes

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