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Gain high-paying digital marketing skills which can create Multiple Source of Income Opportunity.

digital marketing course in patna

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Deep understanding of your customer data will help you convert them better. Isn’t it?

​It’s about understanding what’s working for your business.

digital marketing course in patna

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We have 100+ placement partners who hire our talent for diverse digital marketing roles in their companies.

What you will Get in PIDM?

Patna Institute of Digital Marketing (PIDM) is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing since 2018. We are a Google Premier Partner with an expert team of trainers that have coached over 1000+ individuals. Our course curriculum comes loaded with many benefits and features that are hard to find these days. Here are a few key features of our courses:

digital marketing course in patna
digital marketing course in patna

Globally Recognized Certification

Over 1000+ Aspirants have Trusted PIDM to Achieve Progress in their Careers.


Of our Digital Marketing program, students have found our course immensely useful.


Of our Certificate holders have found their dream digital marketing job without any hassle.


Of our students found our trainers to be ‘extremely’ helpful.

Over 1000+ Trainees trust PIDM to power up their careers

PIDM has 1000+ members and alumni across the globe. Besides, learning the latest in digital marketing, you’ll be joining a network of thousands of members and graduates with the same passion for this fascinating, modern-day discipline.

digital marketing course in patna

Who Can Join PIDM?

Our training program is specially designed for Under-Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals, Freelancers, Housewives, and Entrepreneurs.

We provide end to end learning on Digital Domain with deeper dives for Creating a winning career for every profile.


digital marketing course patna

Students/ Job Seekers

We're here to hook you up with dope digital marketing skills! Whether you're a student or on the job hunt, we have your back to help you hustle in today's job scene.

Business Owners

Business Owners

If you want to take your business to the next level? Our digital marketing courses will teach you all the cool tricks to boost your biz online and rake in those sweet profits.

Working Professionals

Working Professionals

Time to level up your career game! Our digital marketing training will give you the edge you need to crush it at work and climb that corporate ladder like a boss.


Looking to add some spice to your life? Our digital marketing classes are perfect for you! Learn how to run your own biz from home and be the queen of your castle.

Influencers/ Youtubers

Enhance your online presence and monetization potential with our specialized digital marketing courses Our courses will teach you how to slay on social media and turn those likes into cash money!



Equip yourself with the in-demand digital marketing skills Our digital marketing training will give you the skills to stand out in the freelancing game and make that moolah rain!

Best Digital Marketing Course - Offline | Online


Professional Digital Marketing Course

🖥️ 30 Module🎖️Certificate

Kick-start your career in Digital Marketing by challenging your abilities and expanding your horizons with a taste of corporate life with the PIDM Paid Internship Program.


Advanced Digital Marketing Course

🖥️ 23 Module🎖️Certificate

The Patna Institute of Digital Marketing internship provides specialized training within the organization, catering to individuals interested in pursuing roles within the digital marketing sector.


 ONLINE                          1.5 Months

Basic Digital Courses with Certification

🖥️ 9 Modules 🎖️Certificate

The Basics in Digital Marketing course will give you everything you need to succeed in the corporate world of marketing and advertising. Upon completion of this course, you will have developed and implemented a solid digital marketing strategy.


Why Choose PIDM?

100% Practical Based Training


Focus On Practical Learning

10+Experienced Trainers

100% Placement Assistance

Free Doubt Clearing Session

25+ Placement Partner

Free Backup Session

Freelance & Live Projects

24×7 Customer Support

Internship Offers In Companies

Proven Track Record

Recognized Certifications

A Great Career Without A Great Education is only a Dream!

We are among Patna’s leading Digital Marketing Training Institute mainly focus on integrated job oriented courses such as SEO, SMO, Google AdWords/SEM, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc. We are pretty much conscious of today’s digital marketing trends and also it’s implications. We will help you enhance your existing skills to become digital marketing certified professional

Why Digital Marketing?

Grow your business

Grow your business

Earn Passive Income

Earn Passive Income

High Salary Jobs

High Salary Jobs

Work from home

Work from home

How Digital Marketing Mastery Course Works?

1. Learn

Most popular tools, platforms, and concepts with 100% implementation in class. Work on live project, complete assignments & clear assessments.

2. Apply

Get real world experience through internship (for freshers) or join a starter job (for professionals) or apply on your own venture (for business owners).

3. Earn

Join a full time digital marketing job, or start freelance work, or grow your business cash-flow. or start a new journery as blogger/Influencer.

PIDM Digital Marketing Course Module

Digital Marketing is a Digital medium to bring more traffic and views to a website through multiple digital platforms. During the pandemic, when every business has fallen only the digital market accelerated to rise and still continues to rise. The market is growing more digitally. The large volume of engagement at a low cost and get reach the targeted audience through a global essence. There are multiple types of content where you can get a huge return on very less investment which is a good need for brand development.

If you select our Digital Marketing Institute as your career objective then there will be multiple sources of income options open up to you. Multinational Companies are demanding Digital Marketers with high pay or you can also work as a Freelancer and the vast knowledge, and tools of Digital Marketing will help you work overseas. Overall, this Digital Marketing course is going to enhance your Personality and Career growth.

Patna institute of digital marketing is one of the best institutes in Patna. Compared to other institutes, here your personality, and knowledge is going to develop an extra 50% which make you a skilled professional in the future.

We provide a company expert as a trainer who has 10+ years of experience in our digital marketing institute. Our digital marketing course provides 30 modules, which no one will provide you in Patna at these affordable fees, and that makes it the top digital marketing institute in Patna. We provide digital marketing courses online and offline as per your preference.

Not only in India you be proficient enough to work overseas. Being registered with us you will also get to work with our live projects and google certification with the institute ones.

Our Digital marketing institute’s tools/learnings and internships will give you jobs according to your choice and preference. With all these attributes of our course, you will not get anywhere in Patna, that’s the reason it is among the top institute of Bihar “Patna Institute of Digital Market”. If you are opting digital marketing course, this is the suitable digital marketing Institute in Patna you can look for.

FAQ's - Best Digital Marketing Course in Patna

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate on completion of our digital marketing course. We also provide marketing certificates like Google etc. These certificates help you boost your portfolio. Patna institute of digital marketing is the best digital marketing course in Bihar. This digital marketing course will give a kick-start to your career and boost your thinking ability and personality for the corporate ahead.


The duration of the course is 3-4 months with a complete focus on individual focus & guidance under the experts.

This course is suitable for graduates, MBAs, job seekers, professionals, business owners, and freelancers.

As a marketing executive, this course will guide you to all strategies of marketing and keep you updated with the upcoming tools.

The course fee is refundable only for two sessions, after that the policy ends.

Our Digital Marketing course PIDM is empowering students digitally and giving a small contribution to making India work more digitally which is associated with the plan of Digital India by our Prime Minister. Our Digital marketing course is suited to all, who are tented to marketing sectors. It will accelerate your career growth. Our Digital marketing institute will not only enhance your thinking ability but also give a glow to your personality and behavior which will make you stand one among others. Rather than another institute of Patna, which makes you learn in paper pen, our institute uses Projectors, real-life case studies, and videos for learning. HD videos of the recorded session are given for backup. You will not get all these facilities in any institute in Patna, that’s the reason Patna institute of digital marketing is one of the best institutes in Patna. Our Digital marketing institute will give you a big platform to explore at affordable fees, and that’s what makes it among Bihar’s top digital marketing institutes in Patna.

PIDM is one of the top digital marketing institutes, which can help you improve your abilities and give you the resources you need to use various tools. A website can increase its traffic and views by using digital marketing, which uses a variety of digital media.

Our training course has been customized for working professionals, housewives, entrepreneurs, graduates, and undergrads. It reaches the intended audience with a global essence and generates substantial engagement at a reasonable cost. Brand development benefits greatly from various content that offers high returns on investment with minimal outlay of funds.

We offer extensive training in the digital domain, including in-depth discussions on how to craft a successful career for each profile.

Several digital marketing strategies work well depending on the company and the target market. However, content marketing—which includes social media engagement, videos, and blog posts of excellent quality, often produces beneficial results.

There are several benefits to working in digital marketing, including flexible scheduling, high incomes, and flexible roles. A career in digital marketing may be a good fit for you if you’re creative and appreciate marketing and technology.


  • You have various options, from top professions like digital marketing manager to entry-level ones like digital marketing assistant. This enables you to select a career that aligns with your interests and skill set and offers prospects for progress.


  • You can also be eligible for incentives if your work increases sales and profits for the organization, depending on your role and the business. Due to their ability to determine the cost of their digital marketing services, skilled freelancers may also be able to make a larger income.


  • There are various ways in which the digital marketing sector can be more adaptable than other businesses. Online marketing efforts are very simply modified, especially compared to traditional marketing methods.


  • You can learn many digital marketing techniques and technologies on your own. For instance, utilizing various social media sites in your personal life can facilitate their use in your professional life. You can quickly expand your knowledge of your schedule to keep up with changes in the field.


  • The field of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-evolving. Businesses use new technology as it becomes available to improve their marketing campaigns. This can open up more exciting career options and allow you to develop new skills, keeping your employment fascinating continuously.

Digital marketing professionals are in greater demand as companies depend increasingly on digital channels to connect with their target audience. Several courses available after the 12th grade can give people who want to work in digital marketing the abilities and information they need to succeed. You can position yourself for an exciting future in digital marketing by choosing the right course of study. Examples include content marketing, SEO, SMM, data science, and many other alternatives available to students who have passed their 12th grade.

We provide 2-3 months of internship and you get to work with valuable brands like batido, barista, which is going to give an increment to your resume which will be helpful for job acquirement.

Unlike another institute in Patna that gives sessions with pen-paper, Our teaching includes lectures with monitors and Projectors which give a better understanding of the topic.

NO, a simple graduate can opt for Digital marketing as a career objective, we are here to guide you ahead according to your niche but your background should be associated with commerce or marketing.

Your’s learning sessions will be done through monitor and projectors and after the completion of the course, you will be applying tools like Google AdWords, SEO, and Facebook/ Instagram marketing practically through our live Projects.

Yes, we provide a demo lecture that will clear all your doubts and queries.

After the completion of the course, your capacity and eligibility are very much improved and you will get to work on live projects on valuable brands like Batido, Barista, and so on. There you will apply all your marketing strategies to it. This live project will increase the value of your resume. Portfolio explains your whole skills of you and your capability of credentials. A good portfolio is a must-have to have a good impression on the other side. Our institute will help you to build up an impressive portfolio and make you prepare for the interview and the guidance will be there.

At PIDM, we offer comprehensive courses with a strong career focus, including SEO, SMO, Google AdWords/SEM, Google Analytics, email marketing, inbound marketing, and more. The latest advancements in digital marketing and their implications are commonly known to us. To help you obtain a certification in digital marketing, we’ll help you hone your current skills. 

This is the cost of the Digital Marketing course in Patna-

Basic- Rs. 21999/-

Advanced- Rs. 44999/-

Professional- Rs. 55999/-

To enroll in the digital marketing course, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a similar discipline. You must also have worked in professional marketing for at least two years. You must also have outstanding writing and communication skills and be fluent in English. At PIDM, we put much effort into enhancing your communication abilities and preparing you to work as a digital marketing expert. 

Like many aspiring digital marketers, you may want to learn how to do it, but you’re afraid it will take too long. Most people need one to three months to understand the many tools and strategies of digital marketing, then another six months to a year to improve those abilities through practice. This is dependent upon multiple variables.

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Grow your business

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High Salary Jobs

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